Engagement process

Schedule Consulting Interview

Thank you for your interest in C2P. Please schedule a consulting interview. We offer a free 30 minute meeting to better understand your needs, determine if we can help, and offer suggestions. See the details of this meeting at the bottom of this page.

Please complete the form or send us an email at info@concept2profit.ca to find a time that works for you to speak directly with C2P team. Please include any topics that you’d like to discuss. 

Assessment Interview

After the initial consultation with new and potential clients, we conduct an assessment meeting, which reviews the current business and plan and business specific criteria to determine the next steps and strategy to assist the client in achieving their goals. This aids in the discovery process for both client and consultant.


  • C2P understands and respects confidential information. Please sign the non disclosure agreement (available at the bottom of this page) or send us your Non Disclosure Agreement and we will return it to you. This document will allow us to exchange confidential information.
  • This process involves a minimum of one hour for pre-meeting research, however varies depending on the size of your business and the information provided.
  • Client completes a business questionnaire which covers the key operations and structure of your business, branding and customer experience, strength of online presence, current and past marketing efforts, sales process and competition, business goals and more based on the type of business.
  • Interview and review meeting: Typically a one to two hours in person meeting for the exchange of information where we provide focused feedback with quickstart ideas and a plan of action both short and long term success.
  • Brief phone call and email contact as needed during the process.

Assessment Report

Based on the initial assessment we determine if we will be able to work together and then we complete an assessment of the company. This allows us to establish a clear current business baseline, outline the critical next steps and design the appropriate consulting services to achieve ultimate success.


  • This process involves a day or more of seeing the business in action, in-person interviews, comprehensive business research, analyzing the business and marketing strategies, evaluating the back office technology systems and more.
  • Straight forward information, step-by-step feedback and suggestions are reviewed during an intensive two hour meeting.
  • Phone calls and email contact as needed during the process.

Duration:  Typically one week for the assessment; Depends on the number of employees and the size of the business. This includes an intensive review meeting.

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